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Why Child Resistant Packaging?

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During the years, child resistant packaging has been used to package drugs, cosmetics, and household chemicals, the number of children who have died from ingesting toxic household substances has declined significantly. 

The aim of child proof packaging is to keep little fingers out of products which could harm them, while ensuring that adults can still open and close packaging easily. The World Health Organization and UNICEF state that child resistant packaging is one of the best-documented successes in preventing accidental poisoning of children. A child resistant package usually requires a special ‘trick’ to open it – something too complicated for most young children to work out. For example, users might have to push or squeeze a lid at the same time as turning it. It’s also possible to make non-reclosable packs, such as blister packs, child resistant by using very strong material or covers that have to be peeled off. Most of popular child resistant packaging is child resistant bags. 
Child Resistant Pouch is among featured production capabilities of BPS. BPS offers high quality, certified and patented child resistant bags which are perfect for packing cannabis, edible products, medical or chemical products. 
Our unique child resistant zipper closure protects against child access, but is easily managed by adults. For flexible packaging, a press-to-close zipper seal is a great option that secures the top of the pouch, reducing the risk of children being able to open it. Used in many different markets, properly certified child resistant closures are the safest and most functional way to ensure that a reclosable, flexible package meets the requirements for special packaging as stated in the U.S. Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The zipper seal, which can be added to both stand up pouches or lay flat pouches, provides easy and reliable access for adults and can be opened and closed time and time again.

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